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RV Navigator Episode 176

Your RV Navigators are on tour in the Middle East for about a month. Leaving in the middle of the month, we are on target to visit Palestine, Israel, Jordan, and Egypt on this month long adventure. So far we have learn much about this volatile part of the world. We have specifically taken a none domonational tour of the holy land. We have seen many religious sights, but looked at them from their historical perspective. But of course this area is more than just religious sites so this podcast was made from the Dead Sea which is 1400 feet below sea level. The lowest land on earth. Swimming is not really possible in the Dead Sea - ones body floats on the surface and putting ones face in the water is a bad idea. The extreme amount of salt (6 times that of the ocean) makes the water unpleasant should it get in your eyes or mouth. So floating is the only option.

We have also visit the famous Petra in Jordan. This is both a world class historic and scenic site. We were able to spend the entire day hiking over 7.5 miles and changing elevation of 600ft. 

We share some listener Christmas present ideas and which everyone a great TG.

1400ft below sea level

December, 2019

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