RV Navigator Episode 223

Cleaning up Florida

Our month was spent getting our Florida winter home back in shape for habitation.  After almost a year of absence, the plants had overgrown our lot.  We actually had to hire professionals to help us get it under control.  In addition to the clean up we had the roof recovered.  The MH performed well on our trip South giving us a home while visiting relatives in the Carolinas.  Once in FL we realized that the dash air con was dead so we spend $2700 to get it repaired.  Not too exciting but necessary.  Wd did enjoy the good weather of the Southlands as the temps headed down at home.  Flying home was a shock to the system as the weather was quite cold for the season. 

As I write this on the last day of the month, we are about to head to Singapore for an extended trip to 

Southeast Asia.  

We do share lots of RV topics this month including the possibility of an EV RV pulled by a Tesla tracker.  Also what’s new with Starlink and T-Mobile for RVers, new AI features of Bing, the new iPhone 15 as a camera and much more are on our agenda this month.

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Above - our “jungle” lot

Below - Bings’s image of me working in the MH.