RV Navigator Episode 198

Attacked by a Wolf

above: The RV Caravan group with red rocks so common in this area

Below: Our view of the wolf attack on our car (listen to this months episode for details).  Click here to watch the caravan slideshow

October, 2021

Our Western National Parks RV caravan concluded after 31 days and 1600 miles. It was an adventure so we spend much of this episode sharing the details of the trip. This journey was title Western Grand Circle because we visited several iconic national parks and scenic attractions during month of travel. Traveling in a caravan means that all of the details are planned by the caravan company. We drive between locations and the camping spot is waiting at a full service campground. This plus many additional side trips, make traveling easy. It followed the typical RV caravan flow so if you are thinking of joining a caravan, then you should take a listen. This includes our unclose encounter with a wolf that decided to disable our car. How you ask - well you'll have to listen. 

We are about to attend the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta early in October, so we are preparing to do some serious boon docking (living off the grid). Although the Fiesta is well attended, to stay on the grounds means no hookups. They turn normal parking lots and fields into campgrounds for the 9 days of the event. Access to the launch field is key to attended this event, so RVers pay dearly for nearby access. Our boon docking site is costing $150/night but we are 100 yards from the entrance - an easy walk.

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