RV Navigator Episode 222

Three Weeks to Florida

October, 2023

Back on the road in the motorhome as we slowly head to Florida for the winter.  Our goal on this trip was to see family and friends on the way south so we made campground reservations at nearby campgrounds so we could visit with as little disruption to the lives of our hosts as possible.  These detours added about 550 miles to our trip south but it was well worth it.  Taking 3 weeks to drive the usual 1200 miles to our second home in Florida is a luxury that we have living the retired lifestyle.  In June, I made reservations at several public campgrounds along the way so that we’d have nice places to camp as we made the trip.  

It has been an experience getting back into the camping lifestyle. Relearning the living small requirement of RVing took a few days.  What only 30 amp electric, how do we manage?   Usually 30 amp electric is no problem but we were experiencing high temperature and humidity requiring the use of the AC.  We generally try to avoid temperature extremes, but due to scheduling issues, we had to head south before the cooler temps prevailed.  Bottom line is that with AC taking a priority, 30 amp was taxing our power saving abilities.  


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The sisters enjoying their time together after 2 years apart.