November, 2021

This month started with our attending the 49th Annual Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta for 8 days in early October. We successfully boondocked for our entire stay without needing  to take on additional water or empty our holding tanks.    We did use about 18 galloons of diesel to keep the generator running and batteries charged.  The weather for our stay was perfect for ballooning.  Our parking location was perfect for easy entry into the launch field where we were able to watch the launch and recovery of the huge hot air balloons.  The launch happens at dawn so we had some early starts, but there is no activity midday so a nap was in order.

We spent the rest of the month slowly heading East on our way back to FL for our winter stay.  We tried to see some fall colors in the mountains of NM but were not too successful and the weather was turning cool, so we headed further south and east.  The end of the month finds us in the panhandle of FL enjoying some very nice state parks.  We've been testing our big rig in several states parks with great success.  We are not too big and the parks themselves have been very nice.  At this time of year advance reservations need only be made a few days in advance of your stay.  Winter is around the bend so we'll be in our winter home at the beginning of November.


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