On the road again in Italy and France as we traverse the wine making regions of these countries.  Our adventure starts in Genoa where we landed amidst a taxi strike causing us to abandon our planned transportation to the hotel with public transportation.  A 2 hr adventure that we’d rather not repeat.  The good news is that we a a private guide for our 5 days in Cinque Terre region of Italy.  We then joined 10 fellow travelers to explore Northern Italy and the mountains near Switzerland and Austria.  Although the weather was hot and the air conditioning minimal, the skies were sunny for great photos.  Spending time at altitude in the mountains helped keep us cool.  Our recommendation, however, is not to travel in the hot summer months. I consider myself an ice-olohic (ice lover) and I have been challenged to keep my drinks cold.  But the Ice Man is really OTZI.  Otzi is a mummified body found in the Alps in 1991,  He was perfectly preserved and has provided much information about how humans lived 5000 years ago. 

The episode was recorded in Paris after our 3 week Italian adventure.  We flew from Venice to Paris without incident to begin the French portion of our trip.  This involves a river cruise from Bordeaux to visit the wine country.  We’ll see how much different Italian wines are from those grown in France.

Follow our adventures outside of the RV as travel with a small group through the Alps.  Weather has been hot but sunny for great photos.  RVs in Europe are much different than those in the US but we’ve seen a lot of family’s enjoying the outdoor experience.


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Martha protects our luggage on our unexpected public transportation trip to our hotel in Genoa