RV Navigator Episode 205

Cruising Oceans and Rivers

May, 2022

Update: As of May 2, you RV Navigators test positive for covid. We were removed from the ship and placed in quarantine for at least 5 days.  as of this writing we are unsure of our future plans.  Fortunately, we have mild symptoms and expect full recovery.

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We drove the motorhome north back to IL so that we could leave again but this time on a plane back to FL to meet our trans Atlantic cruise to Copenhagen. We did have a new roof installed and I am lusting after a Starlink internet dish, but for now the MH is safely parked in our new storage lot.  

We are wondering why we drove the 1200 miles back to IL just to turn around and head to Ft Lauderdale to board our cruise.  It's economics.  Florida is an expensive place to leave our motorhome parked unoccupied.  At least twice as expensive as leaving storage in IL.  We'll not be using the MH for while, so storage at the home base in Chicago is our better option.  

Of course we have a follow-up to our Costa Rica report that we started last month. We actually did a multistage zip line as well as several other adventure activities while in CR.  

This month we share our ideas about how we plan our trips both RV and out of country as well as share RV stories.  Yes, we had a new roof installed as a proactive measure.  No leaks, but after 11 years, the old roof was worn. I also installed a new thermostat that is made for the RV market.  You'll learn lots more about our adventures by listening to this months podcast.

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This picture was taken on our last tour before being removed from the ship due to positive covid test.  We’ll be spending 10 days in quarantine in Brussels (a city we had not planned on visiting) before we can fly home. We’ll tell you the end of the story in next months podcast - stay tuned (updated 5/3)

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