Note: Many listeners have been trying to download earlier episodes without success.  I have fixed the links to over 30 previous episodes this month.  This should help make downloading a success, but there may be more downloading problems.  Please let me know when you cannot download an episode.  We appreciate your listening and contacting us with problems either with the current episode or previous shows.

The Covid-19 induced vacation form travel continues as the summer progresses.  There is no let up in sight so no travel plans for us. As we record the podcast, our original schedule called for us to be on the road with a 2 month long RV caravan to Canada on the west coast.  This was shutdown and cancelled - the Canadians shut our boarder until at least the end of July and the Eastern entrance to Glacier NP (where we were had reservation to spend the 4th of July) has been closed.  Even the famous Going to the Sun road in Glacier is closed.  We also learned that the Albuquerque Balloon Festival scheduled for October has also been canceled, so now we no reason to head west this year. 2020 was going to be a year spent in the RV with over 8 months of travel scheduled but this has been reduced to our 4 months spent in isolation in FL with the balance of the year in our home in IL. We are hopeful that we can get out before the year ends but we have no plans at this time.

We did take the time to have Martha's ailing shoulder repaired.  The surgery took place in early June (after finding out the all of our plans were canceled) and will entail her recuperating for about 12-16 weeks.  This involves lots of PT and husbandly care as she recovers.  Ken now is the primary chief, bottle washer and  house cleaner.  

 Rv topics include answering listener questions about where to winter and why we chose FL.  We did buy a bargain portable freezer/fridge for RV use.  We have wanted an RV refrigerator extension but they have always been too expensive.  Costco had a major sale so we've taken the plunge.  This fridge fits in the bay and runs off of the batteries so we should be able to keep things cool full time.  We also share some tips on RV refrigerators and their care.  Add to these topics some new apps we've found, suggestions for LED light replacements, and other cool stuff that we found and you have a complete episode of the RV Navigator.

RV Navigator Episode 183

The Covid Vacation

July, 2020


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Above: Martha views the results of her shoulder surgery

Below: our new portable fridge/freezer from Costco.  New low price created our demand.  Twelve volt compressor for always cool temps - no ice needed.

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