Unexpected Post Covid Cruise

RV Navigator Episode 195

July, 2021

After over a year of being stationary, we finally are ready to cruise again in July. We’ll be traveling to Malta (off the coast of Italy, but an independent country) for a round trip sail aboard the Viking Venus doing a Croatian itinerary for 11 days.  This is the first sailing of this itinerary so we are a bit apprehensive about all of the arrangements.  We are Covid free and ready to travel again, so we’ll head out mid month for 2 weeks.

I am please to report that we have recovered some lost episodes from the early days of the podcast. It was fun to listen to many outdated topics and remember what RVing was like in the days of our 5th wheel. 

Plus we found the lost episodes from 2008 on Martha's laptop. What's new in streaming services, surge pricing at campgrounds, new websites and much more in this episode.

I have transitioned to a mirrorless SLR (its predecessor was purchased during the missing episodes above) from my Canon system. This new Olympus micro 4/3rds camera is much more capable and much lighter/smaller than the Canon system.  

Will campgrounds go to surge pricing for campsite - many think so.  How your streaming going - we chat about the latest in streaming services and some you don’t want. These and many more topics are part of the RV Navigator for July.

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