RV Navigator Episode 218

Power from Your Car

June, 2023


Another episode from the home base in Chicago as the copilot recovers from knee replacement surgery. Todays episode is based around an interview with the founder of CarGenerator.com. This product produces 110 volt power from your car for use in home or RV. It is an easy hookup, light weight, and powerful enough to keep either your house or RV operational in case of power failure or you're boondocking. This could easily replace that bulky generator that you have to lug around.We also have our fact or fiction question, an update on the CatSafe from last month, and what's new with RV fridges. Are propane powered fridges a thing of the past? We also cover the latest on StarLine internet as well as some steaming ideas with Pluto TV. All in all an interesting series of of topics that you'll want to hear about.

Interesting graphic that shows who owns who in the RV world

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