Winter has greeted us as we return to our suburban Chicago base in time for the holidays.  Seasons greetings in this episode extend to our expanded list of gift suggestions for you or your RV friends. We chat about the direction that our podcast has taken over the years.  Is it still the RV Navigator or has the focus changed as our lives have changed (mainly due to the pandemic)? Although we share our travels with interested listeners, RVing is always at the heart of the podcast.  We always appreciate your input and comments about our topics and focus.  This is especially true as we tend to travel overseas without the RV.  We'd love to take the RV on our distant travels, but that is not an option, so we do the next best thing, share our travels with interested listeners.  As you know, it is important to us NOT to monetize our listeners.  So much of the tech world is about money, but the RV Navigators don't expect or ask for your dollars either through advertising or subscription.  

So, we'll keep the moniker for the time being, and we hope to be more RV focused in the future. However the next year will be more travel outside our country as we head to Africa in January. I am sure that you'll enjoy our reports from these far off lands.  We enjoying sharing and hearing about your reaction to our lifestyle.

Beyond our Xmas gift list, we expand the list to include RV news and topics. Our best wishes the holiday season.

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Holiday Greetings

December, 2022

RV Navigator Episode 212


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