RV Navigator Episode 216

Adding Five Countries

April, 2023

Your RV Navigators have just returned from a 63 day travel adventure to Africa and are a bit jet lagged after the long journey home. The trip included a 3 week Safari in South Africa and a 33 day cruise of South Africa ending with a trip up the west coast of the African continent. This portion of the trip gave us the chance to visit several less touristic countries that we had never visited before.

For those who are interested in AI, I mention in this months podcast that I am going to try a new audio AI technology that automatically cleans up poor audio.  We try to make our podcast sound good, but we can always use some enhancement.

Adobe has introduced a free service that takes low quality audio and enhances it to sound good.

Adobe has plans to offer several enhancement services to podcasters, but has started with audio enhancement.


I gave it a try on the raw audio of our podcast - which this month is fairly good already- and I was not impressed with the enhancement.  However, on Adobe's demo audio, there is substantial improvement in quality.  I decided to use my original audio instead of the AI enhanced version.  Do you agree? 

Listen below - the second link is the AI enhanced version.



This month we share travel insights about this part of the world, new AI technology, and e-bike experiences for RVing.

Tips for customizing your cruise cabin without leaving a mark.

1. night light for bathroom visits

2. magnetic hooks for metal walls

3. infoor/outdoor thermometer

4. USB projection clock

6. 3 in 1 charger stand

7. universal remote and HDMI cable + adapter for your device to output HSMI

8. magnetic flash light with reading light

9. elastic laundry line

10. magnifying mirror 


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