RV Navigator Episode 225

Goodbye to 123123

January, 2024


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Greetings from Southeast Asia. After an unusual beginning of our trip, we landed in Singapore after 26 hrs of travel and 12 time zones. We began the land portion of the trip by adding two new countries to our growing list of visited countries. After traveling to Thailand, we made our way to Laos and Cambodia ending in Vietnam after almost 3 weeks. Returning to Singapore we picked up our 4 week cruise to Indonesia and Malaysia. We'll be sailing until December 23 when we return home just in time for the next podcast. We want to wish everyone a happy holiday season as holidays draw near.

Are you a snowbird RVer?  We have several interesting comments about our snowbird experiences.  Listen for our relevant comments on the subject.  We do of course mainly travel to FL for the winter, but there are many other warm destinations for RVers in the winter months.  

2024 looks like another exciting travel year with several trips in the planning stages

After mixed messages we now DO plan to attend the Tampa RV Super show in midJanuary so look for on the grounds this year.

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