RV Navigator Episode 228

The Amazon+Brazil

April, 2024

Another month of cruising. This time we are sailing up the coast of Brasil to do a full transit of the Amazon. This river is huge and worth the week we spent traveling to Manaus and back out to the Caribbean. The Amazon is a complete eco system unto itself with Manaus as the hub. A city of 2.5 million at the end of 1500 miles of river made viable by tax incentives for businesses to manufacture in the city. Our 27 day cruise started in Rio and ended in Miami after a few additional stops in the Caribbean.

This cruise was on a small ship with luxury amenities. How does this compare to the many mass market cruises and what are the options if you are not seeking a family cruise. This topic and many more are on our agenda this episode.

We’ve added a transcript feature to the podcast, With this you can search our commentary for topics of interest.

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Views of the Amazon

•Rainbow on the water

•zodiacs exploring the river

•typical river local transportation

•meeting of the waters