Our new Ecobee Smart Termostat which replaced our old Nest that died on Xmas even.

RV Navigator Episode 213

A  Cold New Year 23

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The New Year (2023) finds at home in Chicago awaiting our next travel adventure which begins in mid January.  After some adventures at home with our furnace and the cold weather, we'll be off to Africa for a 2 month safari & cruise in the warm Southern Hemisphere.  The safari will cover 

Africas big 5 plus lots of interesting birds.  Our accommodations say "tented camp" so we are expecting almost primitive camping experiences.  I wish we could take the RV! Our 32 day cruise from Cape Town should be a bit more civilized as we travel from South Africa to Portugal up the Western coast of Africa. 

 Our main topic is the importance of documenting your travels as they occur.  As our old selves taking to our younger selves, we would strongly recommend that you start some sort of record keeping of your travels for later reference.  We unfortunately didn't start this project until about 20 years ago, so our early travels are documented only in a few photos and memory.  These day with some much digital memory available, it would be a shame NOT to completely document your travels.  You'll be grateful for this recommendation when you're in your 70s.  Just remember, the RV Navigators told you so!

Janaury, 2023


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