RV Navigator Episode 227

Cruising while boondocking

March, 2024

As February ended, we headed to Rio in Brazil to begin a cruise that will take us in and out of the Amazon before ending in Miami.  Early in February we headed to one of our favorite boondocking spots, Jetty Park near Cocoa Beach in FL.  This park offers a nice Atlantic ocean beach, a prime spot to watch rocket launches and the cruise ships enter the port.  

This camping was the first opportunity we had to flat tow our new Jeep Grand Cherokee.  A local shop set it up to tow by adding the base plate, braking system and lights necessary for safe towing.  The Jeep GC has many new electronic systems on on our last (2016) vehicle, so we were a bit anxious about getting the car ready to tow.  Jetty Park is only 27 miles down the road, so we figured this would be a good towing test.  All worked as expected so we are now ready for longer trips with the new car in tow.

As mentioned, our new towed was taken on it maiden voyage with great success during the month.  We review how it was altered to become a towed vehicle as well as our plans to switch to lithium batteries in the near future.  Many other RV and cruising topics are covered this month on a show with 2 partsThis month we share both RVing and cruising tips as we talk about our adventures of the month.  

Setting up our new 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee for flat towing behind the motorhome


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Boondocking at Jetty Park near Port Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center