RV Navigator Episode 211

Mixing Gas & Water

November 2022

Another month on the road as we travel North in Finland above the Arctic circle.  No Northern lights for us due to cloudy skies, but we were far enough north. We headed to  Lapland  to visit the Sumi natives of the region.  The Semi people have an interesting history living in a difficult environment. At this point we were very close to Russia but never saw the boarder.  At this time in our history, we were not anxious to cross that boarder.  The land portion of our adventure ended in Bergen, Norway.  Bergen is the gateway to the famous Norwegian  fjords so we spend some cold and rainy days exploring the area. We did the famous Flam railway. From there we head to GB to meet our cruise ship in Southampton.  This episode was made while on board the Sky Princess as we travel to Fort Lauderdale. Why mix gas and water, you ask. One RV did make this nube mistake as described on Facebook, but a good lesson in the wisdom of FB are the many responses.  Beyond that we share our experience with Arilo sims and some photo tips when using a phone instead of a camera for photography. 


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