We’ve been home since April but we still manage to keep busy with “important” projects. With the expectation that the winter will see an increase in Covid cases, we plan to head south to our usual winter home during November. At least it will be warm so we can be outside during the dark months. This is the earliest that we have headed south and skipped the usual family gatherings at TG and Xmas. Covid it impacting our lives in a big way. However, we hope to remain safe and wait out the pandemic regardless of how it progresses.

This month we share our top 5 places to visit with your RV when we can again travel. We did these lists independently so they are slightly different, but we both chose Alaska as the number 1 destination. We have RVed to Alaska twice (1988 and 2012) to enjoy its many scenic wonders. We share some ideas about our virtual travel experiences as a means of getting your travel fix.

We share several helpful hints on RV shows and buying tips especially for new comers. Virtual RV shows - YES, but the Tampa Super show is still scheduled to be live in January. We are going to pass on this annual event, but if your thinking of buying this is a good show to attend.

We have had many technology adventures to share this month. For the first time I am attempting to record the podcast on my iPad with wireless mics. As it turned out, this first attempt was unsuccessful due to iPad software issues, but we hope to overcome this for future episodes. Most episodes are recoded on a desktop computer using Garageband and a studio single mic. It would be nice to have a more portable option. 

I have a report on my new iPhone 12 and its many new features as well as several other technology tips (new cables with magnetic connectors?). How about the possibility of high speed satellite internet? We abandoned satellite internet a few years ago due to high cost and slow speeds when compared to current cell data plans. 

Thanks for listening and visiting the RV Navigator website, no sponsors and everything is feee. We love to hear from you ESPECIALLY this month. We transitioned to a new web server which has caused some problems. Please let us know if you encounter download or web issues.

Keeping Busy in Covid Times

RV Navigator Episode 187

November, 2020


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Top 5 RV Destinations


1. Alaska

2. Coastal Maine

3. Moab, UT

4. Oregon Coast

5. New Orleans area

**New Zealand


1. Alaska

2. Yellowstone

3. Newfoundland

4. Tucson

5. Oregon Coast

**New Zealand